I started my quilting journey over 20 years ago by taking a class that focused on hand piecing and hand quilting. My very first quilt was done completely by hand, including drawing each block on grid paper and making templates to trace on the back of each fabric. Overtime, I learned to piece with a sewing machine, which allowed me to make the quilt top faster, but I continued to quilt by hand, as I can lose myself in my hand quilting and find it very relaxing – zen like.

It was my sister in Spokane, Rita Guzzard, (see her website) who got me interested in embroidery machines and digitizing. Her patience, helping me learn how to digitize, was amazing. My product will make the process much easier for you. Rita has created many designs for the Viking embroidery machines. Her latest endeavor has been creating a method to “quilt as you go” appliqué designs, where the quilting is incorporated within the appliqué design, in the hoop.

I am always looking for new techniques to improve the process of quilting. While I lived in California, I became familiar with “ByKate” (see her website) rubber stamp templates. These templates have the cutting line and sewing line which you stamp on the back of the fabric. Once the piece has been cut, all that remains to do is a running stitch on the sewing line.