The “Applique in the Hoop” technique is described below. These steps of Placement, Tack Down, TRIM, and Satin (Cover stitch) are the same for each applique design available on this website. While some designs may have many applique elements/pieces and some just have a few applique elements/pieces the overall process is the same.

01355201203281004161335 Placement Stitch
Single stitch that outlines the applique shape.
01355201203281004588129 Place applique fabric over the Placement stitch.
01355201203281005169076 Tack Down stitch to secure the applique fabric to the background fabric.
01355201203281005296586 TRIM the applique fabric as closely as possible to the Tack Down stitch.
01355201203281005455935 TRIM
01355201203281006066696 Note the closely Trimmed applique fabric
01355201203281006198123 Satin stitch – will cover the edge of the applique shape.